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The Best Baby Carries that are Safe for our Roads

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At first, any of the Baby Moby carriers – or any baby carrier, for that matter, can be a little intimidating when you first get them out of the box. There seems to be a maze of straps and clips to adjust. Fortunately, the learning curve is short and it literally becomes two snaps and you’re ready to go. The clips that secure your baby in the carrier have a locked mode and they just make a small clicking noise that lets you know they’re properly fastened. Many other baby carriers won’t have that reassuring click. The straps adjust and there’s also an adjustable head rest. At first, it’s a good idea to keep your baby’s head closer to you upright and loosen the headrest or don’t use it at all as the baby learns to hold its head up on its own. An added plus is that the sound of your heartbeat can often mean lights out for any infant in a matter of minutes, which can give you a must-needed rest while still having them close to you.

The Baby folds up compactly. It’s completely machine washable.

One important thought to note is that if you need a little more back support or plan to wear your carrier for extended periods of time, the Baby Active Carrier adds lumbar and comfort. Though the Air Carrier is really comfortable, the Active Carrier is considered the better baby front carrier for longer hikes or running errands.


great hot weather choice

Reviewer: Summer H. , Murfreesboro, TN
Highly recommend this version for hot summer temps, no worry about your baby overheating. I do miss the support that my Bjorn Active gives, but small price to pay for safety of our baby!

Reviewer: Epinions User , Guest
Pros: You can have your hands free while safely carrying your child. Cons: Backpack straps are a bit confusing at first but easy to figure out.

This Baby Bjorn Air Baby Carrier is great! I am able to carry my twins in it (one baby at a time, of course) nearly all day! They seem very comfortable in it & I feel that the design is geared around safety. There are several latches & hooks so if one were to fail you still have several more supporting the weight of your child. I believe the material is supposed to offer “breathe-ability” but after a while of carrying my child in it I still manage to sweat where the straps & baby lay, but not too badly. All-in-all, it was well worth the money.

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