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Amid stiff competitions in the market today, golf trolley manufacturers are coming up with different types of trolleys targeting different categories of people. Besides the ordinary push golf trolleys for general golfers, there are various higher end models of golf trolleys available in the market today. There are the remote control golf trolleys, electric golf trolleys and the push golf trolleys. These trolleys are specially meant for every kind of golfer to suit his style and budget.

Remote Controlled Golf Trolleys by MGI

With the latest development in the golf trolley technology, led into the invention of the remote controlled golf trolleys. These remote control golf trolley gives you the freedom to walk the course without the burden of carrying your heavy golf bag, resulting in a more enjoyable and focused game. This golf trolleys usually come with a multi function remote handset which allows you to move the trolley in all the four directions according to your will. Another added feature to this golf trolley is its speed control mechanism feature that allows the golfer to move the trolley for a predetermined distance of 10, 20 or 30 meters automatically. The golf trolley can run at a maximum speed of 8 km/h and has a maximum remote range of 150 m. The LED light of the battery indicator enables you to know its working.

Electric Golf Trolleys:

The electric golf trolleys are one of the most acclaimed and popular types of golf trolleys in the market today. Enter any golf game anywhere in the world and you are sure to find an electric golf trolley in the golfer’s accessories. These trolleys also offer you the freedom to walk the golf course without the heavy golf bags. Built with a speed control knob on the handle of the trolley allows you to adjust the speed of the trolley to match your walking speed. When it comes to its profile, this light-weight aluminum framed electric cart can carry up to 30kg and be easily maneuvered around hills and rough with ease.

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